Advanced pre:activated Technology

The unique secret behind the pre: product range

Years of research

The unique secret behind the pre: product range comes from years of combined research, trial and error and ultimate success. This success is the ability to deliver much need ionic minerals rapidly.

Our Advanced Pre:activation Technology (APT) works by pre:activating every atom in the bottle. You couldn’t ask for a faster working product than the pre: range.

Advanced Pre:activation Technology

Ionic minerals

To appreciate its effectiveness it may help to first understand how minerals work. Minerals are found in two forms: single, unlinked form and ionic form. When your body absorbs ionic minerals or charged minerals they can be readily absorbed through the mouth and lining of your intestinal membranes. Ionic minerals can get to work immediately!

Ionic minerals are atoms or a collection of atoms that retains there electrical charged. This charge causes the ions to interact, repel or attract in search for other ions to remove or contribute electrons.

Different kind of minerals in there atomic form link with other minerals to form ionic complexes. This interaction between atoms of the same type or different types they enter in to electron sharing relationship. The relationships form different mineral complexes. As minerals are the building blocks of life this association is very important for all biological organisms to function, as the link of multiple atoms form solid matter!

Our blend of selected ionic minerals combined with our APT process makes our product special. As soon as you spray, the blend enters in to your blood stream and the atomic minerals interact with your blood cells.

The atomic mineral blend creates relationships with your cells and starts to contribute electrons where it is needed. The much needed electrons are then freely shared with all cells in the blood stream which in turn starts sharing with every cell in your body. The effect of the cellular change is visible in the blood, under a high powered microscope.