The revolutionary new mouth spray for optimal sensory stimulation for all aspects of your life.

Mining Applications

Mining Applications

The mining industry is one of the most stressful and high demanding environments to work in. Long 12 hour shifts, in very hot and humid conditions places significant stress on the bodies hydration and cooling system. It’s no wonder that miners working long hours are encouraged to drink litres of water each day, only to end up dehydrated from lack of water absorption.

Office Applications

In today’s corporate environment, people are working longer hours, under more stress to make deadlines everyday. With the prevalence of corporate wellness these days with a return on investment as much as $8 for every $1 spent, pre: could be the secret to not only improved performance of your staff, but a massive savings in absenteeism and presenteeism  that cost corporations Billions each year in lost revenue.

Office Applications
Defence Applications

Defense Applications

There is no other place as dangerous as being on the front line or working everyday with explosives and other dangerous ammunition. The defense force is a crucial part of our country and the men and women who serve are sometimes asked to take their body to extremes and beyond the limits of the regular civilian. This is where pre: is most effective.

Sport Applications

Athletes are put in all sorts of environments all over the world and expected to compete to the highest level. Whether it’s 18 holes of golf in the deserts of Arizona or Cycle Tours through the European Alps, they must not only keep up, but take the lead against the opposition. pre: will not only hydrate rapidly for fast results, it will stay in the blood for up to 6 hours ensuring you that you are in the best place to come first.

Sport Applications