With the success of pre: came the feedback from many impressed and amazed users.

With the success of pre: came the feedback from many impressed and amazed users. Like any new product, their is always going to be a lot of caution and skepticism when introducing something revolutionary into the market place. We found the best method was just to have a great tasting product and merely ask someone to “give it a go” and see if what happens. In the gym people are always training to their maximum so in between sets its easy to approach someone and say “hey that looks impressive, mind giving this spray a go and tell me how it tastes?” They take it and not long after they are out performing their previous set! They then as – “what was in that?” We just answer – minerals and then they immediately ask where they can buy it!

We don’t believe in the hard sell and we certainly don’t want to compromise your body. So we have created a product range that not only helps you perform better, it allows your body to achieve a sense of balance that very few products on the market can. This is because we are used to pushing our body to be more alert, over stimulated and ultimate compromised on a cellular level. pre: brings the balance back!

Scott, 39
Scott, 39Roofing Company Owner
Just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to pre: To be honest when I first saw the video on this product i was dubious but I trusted your judgement as you have always been on the cutting edge when it came to anything fitness.

The first time I took the spray i notice within a minute or 2 that my energy levels had increase dramatically.

Being a roof tiler and a body builder I have always struggled with energy levels especially after long hard days on the roof and have relied heavily on pre trainer and caffeine to get me through my evening workouts.

This of course causes its own set of issues making it difficult to sleep causing a vicious cycle. After having the pre: I didn’t feel like I needed to take the pre trainers. I also found that I felt great all through the workouts and did not lose strength. And the great thing is I am able to sleep at night.

I gave some to my employees and they also found the same thing their energy levels improved especially after lunch which normally is when they struggle. My wife also loves it and now uses pre: instead of caffeine. This stuff is amazing

Aaron, 26
Aaron, 26Concreter
As a concreter it’s very tiring training after a big day. Since I started using this product I have had a lot more energy and haven’t been so dehydrated in the afternoons when I train. When I get a headache I take 4 sprays couple minutes later its gone. I would recommend this product to everyone even if you don’t train it will make you feel better through a stressful day.
Ross, 45
Ross, 45Web Designer
I like to get up early to hit the gym or have a surf before work and towards the afternoon my energy levels fade and concentration levels drop. This has an impact on my performance at work and also my productivity. Being a freelancer and running my own business I need to be “on the ball” and pre: does this for me. I find that with taking pre: my energy levels and concentration levels are higher and longer lasting and this allows me to enjoy my active lifestyle whilst still being able to perform well at work. I highly recommend pre: to anyone that wants to get the most out of their day, whether work or play or both.
Robert, 33
Robert, 33Rope Access
Working off ropes is not just physically demanding but is also incredibly demanding mentally. My safety is dependent on my concentration at work and everyday I have to be 100% sure that all my knots, anchor points and equipment is safe. One lapse in concentration in my line of work can easily be a life and death situation. With pre: I find that not only have my energy levels improved, but my concentration is higher and consistent throughout my entire working day. Highly recommended.
Justin, 27
Justin, 27Workshop Supervisor
Currently I am the workshop supervisor of a gold coast company that builds and installs industrial/mining switchboards. This job is high pressure and can be stressful as we have tight deadlines to meet. When I take pre: before work or if I take once at work it will actually allow my brain to relax which allows me to think much more clearly. I have also noticed much greater energy from it as I have recently changed my diet so I am not eating carbs at all during the day and since I have been taking pre: I actually feel like I have more energy.

The biggest thing I have noticed is having it before training it allows me to train harder for longer and have better uptake of my pre/intra workout nutrition. I recommend this product to anybody seeking a healthy body and lifestyle.