Introducing pre:

The revolutionary new mouth spray for optimal sensory stimulation for all aspects of your life.

Unique pre: formula

The unique pre: formula with its Advanced pre:activated technology (APT) harnesses the power of minerals and electrolytes. This blend acts as a pre:cursor for hydration at a cellular level where hydration is most important. All in just a few short moments! The unique secret behind the Pre: product range comes from years of combined research, trial and error and ultimate success.


Unique pre: blend

The unique pre: blend is concentrated in our pre:cursor spray and infused within all our products along with additional ingredients for optimal beneficiary affect. As soon as you spray, the ionic minerals are absorbed, and start to interact with your red blood cells. The interaction has a positive effect on circulation, hydration, oxygen saturation, stamina and overall wellbeing.


Work better with pre:

No matter what the circumstance and environment you’re in, we have a mouth spray for your needs. Whether you’re working hard in the office or in physically demanding position, or if you need to be laser sharp for an exam or increase the quality of your sleep, we have a spray for your requirements. Everyone works better on pre: The only question you need to ask is – what is your pre:?


pre: product range