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The revolutionary new mouth spray for optimal sensory stimulation for all aspects of your life.


pre:cursor is our strongest mineral spray with no other stimulants or herbs. Due to this the minerals within pre:cursor are at their highest concentration , as we needed to make room for no other ingredients. The high concentration of minerals within pre:cursor allow for rapid hydration at a cellular level, the level where hydration is most important. All in just a few short minutes!

As soon as you spray, the ionic minerals are absorbed, and start to interact with your red blood cells. The interaction has a positive effect on circulation, hydration, oxygen saturation, stamina and overall well being.

If you want to make sure your body is performing at its optimal level, you need to make sure you’re getting enough minerals into the bloodstream. This in turn lets the blood perform its job of delivering oxygen and nutrients to where it needs it – fast! Pre:cursor’s special blend of ionic minerals and electrolytes make sure your blood, hydration and nutrition uptake is working at its best. You need pre:cursor!

Shake to activate!



pre:determined combines the power of minerals and electrolytes with selected herbs and stimulants. This combination no only assists the blood it also speeds up the uptake of the added stimulants and herbs. This in turn makes for one of the fastest working preworkouts on the market.

Ionic mineral blend

As with all our products, the reason behind their ultimate success and effectiveness is the unique mineral and electrolyte blend. When your body absorbs ionic minerals or charged minerals they can be readily absorbed through the mouth and lining of your intestinal membranes. Ionic minerals can get to work immediately!

Super Herbs: Siberian Ginseng and Yerba mate
The first herb we added to pre:determined was Siberian ginseng. When you understand the benefits of Siberian ginseng you’ll understand why it’s in our spray!

The benefits and applications of Siberian ginseng are many because of its chemical constitution. It affects the brain, certain hormones and the immune system. Some people use it to boost athletic performance and the ability to do hard work. It helps to prevent colds and increase appetite. Siberian ginseng has also been used traditionally to treat symptoms of infections caused by herpes simplex type 2.

Next we added Yerba mate, an herb that stimulates the brain, muscles lining of the blood vessels and the heart. Yerba mate to improve mood as well as relieve physical and mental tiredness. It is also used traditionally to relieve headache and joint pains. It has also been used for many symptoms and heart related complains, along with helping kidney function and urinary tract infections.

predetermined also contains caffeine, to stimulate the nervous system. The effect is more alert, awake, less drowsy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Adults over 12 years old and over is recommended no more than 100-200 mg every 3-4 hours. Try to keep usage at 6 hours prior to bedtime.



Pre:determined is very strong! This is a SPRAY and was designed and created to be administered as such. DO NOT DRINK THE CONTENT OF THE BOTTLE. Drinking the spray may result in a caffeine overdose and it could BE FATAL! Keep away from children. Use as directed on the bottle.

This product is STRONG. When you are absolutely determined to perform at your ultimate best, you must be pre:determined!

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